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Signs of Skin Ageing

Skin is the largest organ of the human body, and it needs attention from all that affects it health.

Age, smoking and exposure to sun can expedite skin ageing. In all three cases, the skin pigment producing melanocytes multiply to show ageing on top layers. 

Another sign of skin ageing is loss of hair. Dry and itchy skin is also an indication of premature skin ageing. Dry skin that isn’t moisturized and hydrated enough starts turning wrinkled, especially around the most moving parts of the skin.

Such signs (and spots) are hard to retrieve, so it's the best that you avoid them. We must thus ensure that our skin is always moisturized and sun protected. 

Sometimes our diet, lack of sleep, stress and environments can also cause skin ageing. It is thus important to also make suitable lifestyle changes to prevent skin ageing.

Beautiful skin is real beauty, we must ensure our skin stays young and shiny.

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