• Akari

Polluting Plastic Exfoliating Beads

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Every time you use your favorite exfoliating body wash or face wash, you harm mother nature. These products contain plastic beads which end up in soil, rivers and/or seas when you use them. From there, they make their way into the soil, not allowing the flora to flourish.

None of us wants to bring a loss to mother nature, but that we aren’t just aware. Let’s pledge to stop using wash products containing plastic beads. 

“But what about exfoliating? I need that!”

Try Hádá Secrets Japan products. We have a good range of exfoliating products, without any plastic beads added, instead we have used walnut shell powder, which is a good exfoliator and a natural product. No harm to mother earth.

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