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Natural Extracts Are Colourless

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Your favorite skincare brand launches a cream, shows you the fruity colour of the gel as the promise of nature’s freshness on your skin. You connect the colour to the name listed, and snap buy it. Little do you know that you have been fooled you into buying the perfect recipe for skin disaster.

Please note that adding natural extracts doesn’t mean the product also has natural colour. Most natural extracts have no colour at all. All colour in skincare and cosmetics is added to fool you into buying them connecting the ‘name’ or ‘main ingredient’ to its colour. Like strawberry crème in pink colour, or papaya based product in orange seems as if natural substances were used. Such products get their complexion from artificial colours and dyes added to them.

These artificial colours and dyes are the devil’s weapon and can leave your skin and true beauty ruined. So, protect yourself and make a promise never to buy a product which has colour in it. A strawberry crème can have natural strawberry extracts and yet no colour at all, and come with all the benefits.

Try Hádá Secrets Japan products. We don’t use any artificial colours in any of our products. We just use natural ingredients in form of extracts or oils. They provide the necessary benefit to the skin without any allergic situations that may arise from using products with strong colours. 

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