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Identify Your Skin Type

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

It is always ideal to have a well-balanced skin, that is hydrated, has uniform texture and not sensitive. Anything different, and you are not normal skin. Apart from normal one could have the following skin types. 

Dry Skin

If you see dryness or flakes - you probably have dry skin. If not hydrated and moisturized this skin type starts showing fine lines around eyes and lips. People with dry skins should apply a daytime moisturizer and another one at night too. 

Oily Skin

Your skin always shines, albeit with an oily feeling, and you have visible pores, chances are you have an oily skin. If you also have some spots and blemishes, you could be certain about this skin type. People with skin type also find difficulty in wearing makeup, as it seems to slide away with the skin oils. A good cleaning routine is essential, along with immediate light moisturizing.

Sensitive Skin

A skin type that usually remains red, is very sensitive and shows quick reactions to weather, or even a slight change in eating habits, is characterized as sensitive type. People with such skin need mild and softer products. If you seem to have a sensitive skin, its best to always do a skin patch test with a new product for two to three days, before adopting it.

People also have skin type combinations, like dry and oily skin together on the face. Sometimes, people with normal skin have a very sensitive facial skin.

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