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Ah! The Acids!

Skin care regime and products use many mild acids, for skin exfoliation and their anti-oxidation properties. But for consumers all the chemical names and percentages can get very confusing. So he Hádá Secrets Japan content team collected some information from our Research team in the most simplified way, and here it goes.

We can divide the skin care used acids into two categories:

Water Soluble (commonly known as AHAs - Alpha Hydroxy Acids; and PHAs - Poly Hydroxy Acids)

Oil Soluble (commonly known as BHAs - Beta Hydroxy Acids)


Used in products that exfoliate skin and used for outer most layer of skin. Ideal for ageing product usage.

Examples: Citric Acid; Tartaric Acid, Lactic Acid, Malic Acid, Mandelic Acid, Glycolic Acid

Citric Acid - used both as a mild exfoliator and preservative also.

Tartaric Acid - Fruit derived, more milder and also exhibits anti-oxidant.

Lactic Acid - Milk derived and gentle on skin. Used for mild exfoliation.

Malic Acid - Fruit derived, more milder and also exhibits anti-oxidant.

Mandelic Acid - Almond derived, best suited for oily skins. Known for its anti-bacterial properties and keeping skin lightly moisturised.

Glycolic Acid - Sugarcane derived, penetrates slightly deeper as compared to all above. Helps in wrinkle reduction.


Not just exfoliators but also used for collagen degradation protection. They exhibit visible help in slowing skin ageing and dehydration (they are better humectant than any other acids). They are slower skin penetrators and mild.

Maltobionic Acid - probably the best humectant amongst all PHAs. Known for its anti-oxidation properties, sun exposure treatment, and wrinkle reduction.

Lactobionic Acid - Milk sugar derived, these are great anti-oxidants and good for dry skin. Used in products which help in wrinkle reduction.

Gluconolactone Acid - Widely used for its multiple skin aiding properties like hydration, UV damage reversal, and maintaining skin elasticity.


Help in dead skin removal and cleaning blocked skin pores.

Salicyclic Acid - Tree bark derived, these are oils soluble and ideal for oily skin products. Also helpful for acne prone skin.

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