Tokyo Twist, latest curation by Hádá Secrets Japan

30th August 2019

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Hádá Secrets Japan launched their latest curation ‘Tokyo Twist’ on a date coinciding with Asakusa Samba Carnival in Tokyo. The bodywash is an addition to the popular Hádá Secrets Japan men’s range of personal care products.

‘Tokyo Twist’ is inspired by the new experience & love, the city of Tokyo provides to its visitors and the indelible mark it leaves on every visitor’s heart and mind. Be it shopping, sightseeing or simply going out for a meal, Tokyo is all about fun and discovery. As an ode to this lovely city, we have curated a twisty fragrance with Orange, Musk and Aloe Vera. This product will appeal to the masses because of its exfoliating effect and the freshness it provides.

Vitamin C from orange extracts and Aloe Vera, combined provide an instant glow and radiance to skin. They have anti-microbial properties, too, acting as a cleanser and have amazing healing properties.

Powered with Vitamin C properties and Aloe Vera, and also acting as an exfoliating agent, Tokyo Twist is a must have bathing essential.

Our customers have been quite content with our new product and the way their skin feels post shower.
Hádá Secrets Japan, has created a brand for itself because of our promise to provide a 100% safe and vegan product. Additionally, the men’s range is enriched with Vitamin E which adds on to the list of various benefits provided by using our personal care and grooming products.

‘Hádá Secrets Japan’ is a leading skin care brand trademark owned by Kansei Group Co., Ltd, Tokyo, Japan. The brand focusses on the essence and beauty of natural soft, shining and healthy skin.

Our skin care products are made all-natural to benefit all-skin types and are popular amongst local and international consumers.

We source all ingredients and packaging products responsibly and locally. We firmly believe in global environment protection policies and are strictly committed to them.