On 16th January 2020 Hádá Secrets Japan launched Bodywash and men’s grooming products

16th January, 2020

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Hádá Secrets Japan on 16th January, 2020 launched their latest bodywash and expanded their men’s range of personal care and grooming products. Inspired from the beautiful city of California and the best time to visit the city, comes the new variant ‘California Cliff’.

‘California Cliff’ is all about the magical benefits of cliff charcoal extracts and goodness of Aloe Vera. This combination will leave the skin even toned and remove impurities and dead skin cells.
A Californian artist was also present at the launch and he said, “I could never imagine a charcoal based bodywash with absolutely no side effects. I have previously tried Venice Lagoon by Hádá Secrets Japan and I am all the more excite to give this a try as well. I count them as a trustworthy brand famous for their sulphate free bodywashes, using no toxins, allergens and artificial colours and ingredients. Powered with Vitamin E, their bodywash are safe and effective”.

Hádá Secrets Japan’ is a leading skin care brand trademark owned by Kansei Group Co., Ltd, Tokyo, Japan. The brand focusses on the essence and beauty of natural soft, shining and healthy skin.
Our skin care products are made all-natural to benefit all-skin types and are popular amongst local and international consumers.
We source all ingredients and packaging products responsibly and locally. We firmly believe in global environment protection policies and are strictly committed to them.