New fragrance in women’s bodywashes launched by Hada Secrets japan on New Year’s eve.

31st December, 2019

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Hádá Secrets Japan launched a new fragrance in their women’s bodywashes range as the sky lit up with fireworks on New Year’s eve. In the hustle of everyday life of New Yorkers, it is the sky which instils a sense of calm in their minds. And on New Year’s eve especially, one just can’t miss out on the beauty of the New York Sky.

The latest curation of Hádá Secrets is enriched with the goodness of turmeric and honey and will provide a healing effect. Just like one can’t miss out on gazing at the beauty of the New York Sky, one simply can’t miss out on trying this product and experiencing its benefits on their skin.
Age old traditions have always valued turmeric and honey for their exceptional benefits on skin. To actually have a body wash with no sulphates, toxins or allergens, just 100% pure turmeric and honey is a dream come true for many. Additionally, ‘New York Sky’ is loaded with aloe vera, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.
Hádá Secrets is a Japanese brand which makes use of local and fresh ingredients for production. Using chemicals just for preservation purpose and nothing else, this is extremely safe and worth giving a try. If someone is looking for a natural glow and soft skin without any use of artificial colours or ingredients, Hádá Secrets’ latest curation, ‘New York Sky’ is definitely the product for them.
‘Hádá Secrets Japan’ is a leading skin care brand trademark owned by Kansei Group Co., Ltd, Tokyo, Japan. The brand focusses on the essence and beauty of natural soft, shining and healthy skin. Our skin care products are made all-natural to benefit all-skin types and are popular amongst local and international consumers.
We source all ingredients and packaging products responsibly and locally. We firmly believe in global environment protection policies and are strictly committed to them. 31st December, 2019