Hádá Secrets Japan launched two new fragrances in Body Wash

20th November 2019

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Hádá Secrets Japan launched two new fragrances in bodywashes range on 17 th November 2019.

‘Moscow Snow’ and ‘Sydney Sail’ were launched at the onset of winter in Moscow, Russia and summer in Sydney, Australia.

Although, Hádá Secrets newest curations were launched at different seasons in their origin countries, there is no difference in their basic properties. Both products are sulphate free, made without any toxins or allergens and completely avoid the usage of artificial colours or ingredients.

The new fragrance ‘Moscow Snow’ is enriched with the goodness of sweet Almonds and Cinnamon. The world knows that Moscow is best discovered in the winter months. Hádá Secrets’ latest bodywash tries to enliven the festivity of the city during the winter months. Sweet Almonds and Cinnamon together prove to be extremely useful in reducing skin dryness, repairing skin damage and removing blemishes. Powered with the goodness of sweet Almonds and Cinnamon, this is a sure surprise.

The famous golden beaches and breath-taking Sydney coastal architecture inspired Hádá Secrets to blend their new fragrance with green apple from Australia. ‘Sydney Sail’ helps bring a shine to skin by its gentle exfoliating effect and provides a nice texture to the skin. The natural green apple fragrance makes the use of this bodywash even more delightful. A famous Australian journalist Susan Robinson commented that she was extremely impressed by the way the product was impacting her skin and she was excited to try out Hádá Secrets new products.

These fun new fragrances and variants will surely entice our customers with top quality ingredients and amazing results on skin.

Hádá Secrets Japan is a leading skin care brand from Kansei Group Co., Ltd, Tokyo, Japan. The brand focusses on the essence and beauty of natural soft, shining and healthy skin.

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