Hádá Secrets Japan expanded their men’s personal care and grooming product range

17th February, 2020

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Hádá Secrets Japan on 17th February, 2020 launched their latest bodywash and expanded their men’s range of personal care and grooming products. ‘La Menta Mexico’ was launched at the last day of the Carnival in Mexico.

La Menta, or ‘the mint’ has many versions and is grown all over Mexico. Inspired from this is their blend called ‘La Menta Mexico’ which is a carefully curated blend of mint extracts and Aloe Vera. Its suitable for all skin types and will surely have a long lasting effect on the skin.
Aloe Vera is common to all their products because of the variety of ways it can be used. Be it moisturizing, nourishing or clearing the skin, Aloe Vera does not fall short of working wonders. Additionally, the hydrating properties and cooling effect of mint, makes La Menta Mexico one of the most unique combinations.
Over the span of a few months, Hádá Secrets has created a name for itself, in the body wash and shower products. Their promise of providing 100% safe and vegan bodywashes has been received well by the people. With ‘La Menta Mexico’, they aim at providing a different combination which is suitable for all skin types. With a guarantee of no side effects, this urges their potential customers to give their products a shot.
‘Hádá Secrets Japan’ is a leading skin care brand trademark owned by Kansei Group Co., Ltd, Tokyo, Japan. The brand focusses on the essence and beauty of natural soft, shining and healthy skin. Our skin care products are made all-natural to benefit all-skin types and are popular amongst local and international consumers.
We source all ingredients and packaging products responsibly and locally. We firmly believe in global environment protection policies and are strictly committed to them.
17th February, 2020