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Hádá Secrets is a leading skin care brand from Kansei Group, Tokyo, Japan. The brand focusses on the essence and beauty of natural soft, shining and healthy skin. Our skin care products are made all-natural to benefit all-skin types and are popular amongst local and international consumers. We source all ingredients and packaging products responsibly and locally. We firmly believe in global environment protection policies and are strictly committed to them.

About Us



To develop skin-care beauty products

suitable for all skin types around the

globe using only naturally derived ingredients


Constantly innovate in skin-care & beauty products to serve local and international consumers with diverse needs





True Beauty Commitment

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We, at Hádá Secrets, are not just trying to make the best skin-care products, but also helping all our customers realise their inner beauty. We believe all of us are beautiful in our own way. Our true beauty can be reflected in the way we speak, handle situations, help others, humility we show, happiness we spread and the smiles we give.

We are committed to help our customers and the rest of the world realise their true inner beauty and the path to happiness.



Ethics & Skin Safety

Hádá Secrets is constantly engaged in research to find new naturally derived ingredients that can enhance the beauty of a variety of skin types and make them look moist, fresh, soft, and glowing.


Our efforts are also concentrated in a direction to find new natural alternatives that are harmless and safe to incorporate in skin-care products.

We have also pledged to never test on animals.

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